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- Speakeasy Roadshow

XL Events was involved with SPEAKEASY, who were producing a 5 venue nationwide road show featuring 22 presentations to a total of 13,000 personnel from a financial services organization.

The presentation delivery concept involved creating the look and feel of a book on a flat projection surface with the perception of the pages actually turning.

This was achieved using a Pandora’s Box media server's ‘Z’ axis to create the depth of field, and then surface mapping the output giving the illusion of a curved screen.

The client wanted to walk around the stage but there was not sufficient room for rear projection.
The solution was to rig 2 projectors out front at up to a 35° off axis angle, and the image was warped in Pandora’s Box to the correct perspective whilst still maintaining the HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This allowed the client to walk up to within one inch from the screen!

Feedback from client and guests was excellent. The book gave a real 3D effect and looked amazing. Given the technical challenges and constraints, XL provided a innovative and highly effective solution.

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